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Ushering in a New Year

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Celebrating our Artisans + Makers

The Transformative Power of the Handcrafted

At Cultiverre, we are commited to supporting the work of small, independent artisans and makers from around the world. Art at its very core is both an act of expression and a spiritual journey. It serves as a transcendent bridge - one that connects us to the deepest parts of ourselves, to each other and to the world around us.

Understanding the fullness of how something has come into being, allows us to become more mindful and responsible consumers. Together we have the power to transform the world with our individual and collective choices. There is a beautifully symbiotic relationship between maker and patron that is essential to the survival of craft in our society. It is Cultiverre's mission to nurture this exchange of energy and goods, which enriches our lives and our culture.

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It is our mission to tread with love + kindness in our relationship with Mother Earth + all of her inhabitants. Cultiverre focuses on sustainability, diversity, fair labor standards + social good initiatives. When we move through this world fully aware of the intentionality + the consciousness of our choices, we begin to realize our choices are the truest reflection of our values.


As an eco-minded business, we take our packaging decisions into serious consideration, weighing the overall impact our choices have upon both human + natural resources. Whenever possible, we choose packaging made from recycled, biodegradable, compostable, and plastic-free materials.


With a mindful intention, we are able to focus on purposeful action. This approach to living is both holistic + timeless, connecting us to the earth + to the wisdom of our ancestors. With this long term view of life, we are better able to fuse the wisdom of the past with a vision for the future, ensuring a balanced, fulfilling life for generations to come.

The Stars at your Fingertips


The 2023 Magic of I Astrological Planner is a powerful tool for creating magic and living in alignment with the cosmos. Navigate with the planets and moon cycles while being grounded and appreciative of the earth. This planner is a personal journey within, a gateway for connection and an oracle to the moon and the stars.

This edition is inspired by the incredible world of Fungi - the constellations of the Earth and nature's true Alchemists. Learn about their healing benefits, and explore uncharted territory around their connections with astrology.

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Time for a Refresh


Usher the spirit of new beginnings into your home with Cultiverre's selection of sustainable household products. By creating serene spaces in your home, you will invite a cleansing, purifying energy into your life.

CLEANSE: We offer a thoughtfully curated range of utilitarian products - from traditional Marseille Soaps, to beautiful brooms + brushes made with natural fibers. Use our heirloom quality products to refresh your entire home naturally.

RENEW: Smudge your space with our organic white sage to dispel any residual negative energy, and release negative ions from the air with our beautiful selection of all-natural beeswax candles.

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The Season of Stillness


By supporting + nurturing our inner sanctums, we are shaping the contours of growth + change in our lives. As we walk the Earth in this season of stillness, may we invite the peace and beauty surrounding us to make a home inside of us.

We've curated a special collection of products to help you claim your inner peace. It is our hope that these items will help you tend to your heart and spirit, creating a refuge of tenderness and wellbeing.

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Prioritizing Wellness


Our Herbal Apothecary is a mindfully curated collection of plant based approaches to self care and wellness. Discover wholesome offerings intended to enrich this season + beyond.


the WINTER SOLSTICE collection


Winter nourishes the nesting instinct in us. As the days slow down and our focus shifts inward, the natural world encourages us to embrace a state of presence. May we treat these dark days of winter as an invitation to rest, reflect and reset, knowing that each day following the Solstice we have the opportunity to welcome more light into our lives.

At Cultiverre, we're welcoming this seasonal shift with nostalgic woolen throws straight from the English Countryside, the glow of our beloved beeswax candles, and warm cups of herbal tea. We're supporting our wellness with tender acts of kindness and self care routines born from mindfulness and compassion.


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staples for the natural home

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It is our mission to cultivate a slow, simple, sustainable lifestyle, deeply rooted in beauty. From ethically-minded product curation, to environmentally-conscious packaging, we lead with mindfulness in all that we do. Thank you for visiting. We're so glad you're here.


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