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living a slow, simple, sustainable lifestyle, deeply rooted in beauty

In the fast pace of modern life, it is a gift to decelerate, nourish and fully savor the sweet, simple moments of our life. When we slow down and take the winding, scenic path through life, we are able to engage more deeply, enabling us to live our lives in a more balanced, meaningful + life-affirming way. With a slow, reflective state of mind and being, we are able to focus on purposeful action. Time becomes expansive, feeling more circular than linear. This approach to living is both holistic and timeless, connecting us to the earth and to the wisdom of our ancestors. With this long term view of life, we are better able to fuse the wisdom of the past with a vision for the future, ensuring a balanced, fulfilling way of life for ourselves and generations to come.

Embracing a slow, simple, sustainable lifestyle means recognizing the things we value and making time and space to hold close the things we enjoy most in life. It is a curious mix of being both prepared and prepared to let go. When we focus on quality over quantity, it often results in using fewer resources and producing less waste. When we move through this world fully aware of the intentionality + consciousness of our choices, we begin to realize our choices are the truest reflection of our values.

Cultiverre strives to embody an ethos of mindfulness and sustainability. It is our mission to tread with love & kindness in our relationship with Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants. We believe wholeheartedly in cultivating beauty, embracing gratitude, nurturing a nesting instinct & spreading joy. It is our aspiration to share thoughtfully curated wares with you that mirror these values.

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