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the cultiverre collection

Influenced by fragments of our journey through life, the Cultiverre collection speaks of the heartfelt connections we've made along the way. We have mindfully curated this collection of unique, handcrafted artisan goods as an expression of what we value and wish to share with the world.

Choosing pieces that are made with loving hands, by creative souls following their heart's passion... well, that's pretty much everything. We believe wholeheartedly that handmade objects radiate and spread the positive, creative energy they are birthed from. Therefore, it seems quite fitting that the Cultiverre journey began by creating beautiful objects that could be worn close to the heart (aka jewelry). We still design + handcraft most of our jewelry (as well as many of the other pieces we are now offering) but we have expanded and now proudly offer the wares of other artisans who have stolen our hearts. We find great joy in sharing these thoughtfully selected pieces with YOU and hope you will love them as much as we do.

A little about us...



Together we share a proclivity for dark chocolate and single malt scotch, a desire to change the world for the better with naught but a bit of kindness, and a deep longing to immerse ourselves in the beauty and wonder of nature. We've built our nest amongst the rolling bluffs of the Driftless Region and spend much of our time beautifying the nests of the lovely souls who commission us to help make their homes more homey. With over 20 years of shared design + retail experience, it fills our hearts with joy to merge our passions into this new venture we call Cultiverre.

(Interested in our interior design services?? Or perhaps you'd like to carry our handcrafted jewelry in your own boutique?? We'll be adding more information to the website soon about additional services we offer, but in the meantime we invite you to contact us below with any questions you may have.)

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“Fine things are reservoirs for the heart.”   -   Fennel Hudson