Handwoven Brass Tea Strainer

This solid brass tea strainer is woven by hand in India. This beautiful and practical tea basket rests perfectly atop a mug or teacup. Easily brew your favorite loose leaf tea or herbs right in the basket. We also love to brew our tea loose in a teapot and then put this little beauty atop our mug before pouring, to be used simply as a strainer.

Product Details:

  • Basket Measures: 2" diameter x 1" H
  • Overall Length: 6"
  • Handwoven in India
  • Made from raw brass

How to Use: Place loose herbs or tea within the basket and place atop a mug or teacup, and pour hot water through it. Steep tea for 5 minutes, or as long as recommended.

Care: To keep these strainers clean, simply rinse and dry after each use. Do not let them stay immersed in water. The brass may oxidize (get darker) over time.

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