thoughtfully curated gifts + offerings

may your passion flow as an offering to the world

Each of us holds within us a deep well of passion from which we draw the inspiration + motivation to share our gifts with the world. Although these passions may look different for each one of us, it is in the commonalities where we find kinship with one another.

Influenced by fragments of our journey through life, Cultiverre is the evolution of the heartfelt passions that shape us as individuals. A nuanced set of core interests drive the offerings we present to the world. It is our hope that you'll find yourself reflected in one (or more) of these passion archetypes.

 thoughtfully curated gifts + offerings

thoughtfully curated gifts + offerings by passion archetype

1. for the moon maiden  2. for the homesteader  3. for the art patron  4. for the herbalist
5. for the naturalist  6. for the minimalist  7. for the bohéme  8. for the francophile



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