VIVA Scandinavia

NICOLA™ Glass Teapot

We don’t often think about drinking tea as a sensory experience. Yet, when you have a glass teapot in your life, it’s hard not to. Drinking tea is already feast for the senses. The warmth of a fresh cup in your hands, the earthy smell of the leaves, and of course the wonderful flavors of your favorite blend. Having a glass teapot adds a whole new dimension of enjoyment by being able to see your tea coming to life. Watch the colors change and deepen as the aromas build and your tea reaches its perfect intensity.

The glass infuser can easily be removed. Simply lift it out when your tea is ready, replace the lid and pour with ease.

Product Details:

  • Measures: 11" L x 13.8" W
  • Volume: 0.77L / 26 oz.
  • Comes with a glass infuser
  • Perfect for 3 large cups of tea
  • Dishwasher safe - Not for use on stove top - Microwave safe

Artisan Spotlight:

Tea is a gesture of hospitality and goodwill. It’s the perfect beverage to relax and reflect on precious moments. At VIVA SCANDINAVIA, we honor and value the importance of this ancient tradition and we strive to modernize these traditions and take them to new heights.

Behind every cup, strainer, or teapot we dedicate a significant amount of time and resources in research and development with nothing but our tea lovers’ needs in mind, reflecting our Scandinavian design roots. From the size of the spout to the fine patterns of the infuser, using premium sustainable materials and world-class craftsmanship, our products are made to last. We consistently push ourselves to achieve the perfect, holistic tea experience.

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