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Savon de Marseille Soap Cube 300g

Created from the finest of natural ingredients, these Marseille soaps are meticulously fashioned in Provence by French artisans following traditions established generations ago. Made today as it has been for centuries, this authentic 100% natural french soap contains the required 72% vegetable oil. Since 1688 French law has declared that only soaps produced by following traditional methods shall bear the famous mark. This multi-use soap is great for bathing, shampooing, laundry, and cleaning, yet gentle enough for a baby.

Product Details:

  • Measures: approximately 2-1/2" x 2-3/4" 
  • Weight: 300 grams / 10 ounces
  • Sold individually
  • No fragrance added
  • Made in France

Our French Savon Soap Dish is the perfect accompaniment to our Marseille Soap, find more info here.

Please Note: If you have yet to use Savon de Marseille, it's important to note that the soap block can take on a rustic appearance. The saponification process takes place in old cauldrons according to a traditional method used for hundreds of years. Once you use soap made in this fashion you'll understand why it continues to stand the test of time. It may be perfectly imperfect in appearance - the edges may chip, crumble or shed a bit and the soap block may adorn some crack lines over time - but this only adds to the charm and character of a truly effective soap.

Ingredients: palm oil, water, olive oil, coconut oil, lye, salt, vegetable glycerin, tea-edta* (*This ingredient forms a binding complex with calcium, magnesium and iron, which allows for better foaming + cleaning performance. By binding with metal ions, this ingredient prevents heavy metals in water from being deposited onto the skin)

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