Herbal Infusion Glass Tea Pitcher

We're obsessed with this glass tea pitcher. Brew your favorite tea or herbal infusion directly in this pitcher. Features a built-in glass strainer, enabling a nice clean infusion to be poured into your favorite cup, as the herbs + tea leaves remain in the pitcher.

Product Details:

  • Volume: 9 ounces / 275 ml
  • Measures approx: 4-1/8" H x 5-1/2" W (with handle)
  • Made of borosilicate eco-friendly glass
  • It is able to withstand rapid temperature change
  • Easy to clean, and does not absorb the taste of tea
  • Heat-resistant temperature: 450°C
  • Can be heated directly on gas or electric stoves
  • Can not be used with induction cookers
  • Please note: heating glass over an open flame with no contents can lead to breakage

Our favorite way to use for herbal infusions: Heat water in your favorite kettle. Meanwhile add your favorite fresh or dried herbs or tea to the pitcher. Pour boiling water over the herbs or tea and allow to steep as recommended.

Please note: While we strive to offer products that are as eco-friendly + sustainable as possible, this maker does use bubblewrap in their packaging. May we recommend, either reusing this bubblewrap for your own shipping needs, or recycling it at a local drop-off center that accepts plastic shopping bags + other recyclable plastic for recycling?

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