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Cultiverre Cosmic Intentions Gold: Anna Cosma
Cultiverre Cosmic Intentions, Metamorphosis
Cultiverre Cosmic Intentions Deck: Anna Cosma
Cultiverre Cosmic Intentions, Change
Cultiverre Cosmic Intentions Deck, Card Spread
Cultiverre Cosmic Intentions Ritual: Anna Cosma
Cultiverre Cosmic Intentions Box Set: Anna Cosma
Cultiverre Cosmic Intentions Cards: Anna Cosma
Cultiverre Cosmic Intentions, Write your Own
Cultiverre Cosmic Intentions, Gold Edition
Cultiverre Cosmic Intentions, Set of 18 Cards

Cosmic Intentions Gold Edition | Set of 18 Cards


Free Standard Shipping in Contiguous US for orders OVER $100

Elevate Your Intentions with Cosmic Gold Edition Intention Cards

Unleash the power of your intentions with our Cosmic Intentions Gold Edition. This set of 18 exquisitely crafted intention cards are more than just cards – they are gateways to manifesting your dreams and desires. As energy follows intention, these cards will become companions on the journey towards creating the reality you envision.

Let our Cosmic Intentions Gold Edition Set infuse your intentions with cosmic energy, aligning you with the rhythms of the universe and empowering you to shape your destiny. Make every intention count – because where your intention goes, energy flows.

Key Features:
  • Inspiring Guidance: Each card in this set is designed to uplift and empower you. Let the cosmic energy of these cards be your guiding light in every situation.
  • Versatile Usage: Draw a card for any occasion or share them with loved ones, accompanied by your personal notes. Use them in daily rituals, meditation, or as reminders of your goals.
  • Ample Space for Reflection: The reverse side of the cards features abundant free space, allowing you to infuse your personal thoughts and reflections, making each card a unique treasure.
  • Gold Embossed Elegance: Embellished with exquisite gold foil, these intention cards shine with a touch of celestial radiance, reflecting the infinite possibilities the universe holds.
  • Sturdy Kraft Paper Box: Housed in a robust kraft paper box, this set ensures the safekeeping of your intention cards, making them ready for whenever you seek their wisdom.
  • Finn Cardboard:  Crafted with care, each card is printed on high-quality Finn cardboard, approximately 0.2 mm thick. The charm of unbleached recycled papers is evident in the occasional small irregularities caused by natural paper fibers, adding character to each card.
  • Mindfully Created: The artist's conscious decision to avoid artificial coatings preserves the tactile connection with the cards, infusing each touch with the essence of raw creativity.

Product Details:
  • Set includes 18 cards 
  • Printed using the Offset Process
  • Small booklet included with a description of the cards
  • Cards measure approximately 3" W x 4-1/8" L
  • Handcrafted in Germany
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Meet the Maker : Anna Cosma

Anna Cosma designs products that inspire and honor the creative life. Over the years, she's dabbled in many different printing techniques and loves giving craft more space to bloom in her company. A few years ago, she moved the studio to the German countryside in the Mecklenburg Lake District to be more closely connected to nature. Her highest priority is to live in harmony with creativity and nature.

Cosmic Intentions Gold Edition | Set of 18 Cards



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