Goldrick Natural Living

Beech Wood Nail Brush

Our plastic-free wooden nail brush is the perfect alternative to plastic brushes. Ethically handcrafted in a small family-owned brushwork in the Black Forest of Germany. Established over 140 years ago they are one of the last remaining artisanal brush house factories in Germany. Using natural, sustainable, and ethically sourced materials they combine artisanal craft with beautiful design and perfect functionality.

Product Details:

  • Naturally Oiled Beech Wood from the Black Forest of Germany
  • Certified FSC Natural bristles
  • Ethically made in Europe

Artisan Spotlight:

Goldrick Natural Living was founded with the ambition of creating natural living environments, making a life alongside nature to support our wonderful planet. By choosing natural and reusable products we are reducing landfill waste and we are making a difference to our planet. We believe that conscious living leads to a more authentic, beautiful and rewarding life. We hope that these offerings inspire you to see the beauty and purpose in nature and the everyday living.

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