Astatula Candle Co.

Beeswax Sun Intention Meditation Candle

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An intention candle dedicated to the Sun, the source of all life, ruler of the sky, our brilliant + ever watchful star. The Sun candle can be burned to bring focus + attention to working with our own radiance, confidence, sense of soul purpose and vitality. It can also be used as a candle to honor the Sun itself or any solar deities of your choice.

Created to be burned during intention setting, ritual work, or as an altar candle. It can also be used as a candle to honor the Sun itself or any solar deities of your choice. Great for Solar days and holidays, seasonal shifts, and to help connect with the light during the darker seasons of the year.

 Some other associations with the Sun are :

  • success
  • dignity and authority
  • courage
  • notoriety or stardom
  • connecting with your heart
  • allowing yourself to be seen and being seen in your best light
  • will power
  • life direction

Hand poured with 100% pure  beeswax, dressed with calendula flowers, St. John’s Wort, cinnamon, citrine, and orange. These particular herbs and minerals are all meaningful and sacred  to the Sun and its significations. As with all intention candles, this one is never scented so that it doesn’t interfere with your ritual. 

Product Details:

  • Made with 100% Pure Beeswax, calendula flowers, St. John's Wort, cinnamon, citrine + orange
  • Phthalate and lead free
  • Measures 8" H x 2.3" diameter

Artisan Spotlight:

Astatula Candle Co. is a small batch boutique candle company based out of Tampa, FL and founded in 2014 by artist and astrologer Angela Ellis. All candles are designed with intention and integrity and hand poured using eco-friendly materials without wax additives, lead or phthalates. Astatula Candle Co. is a tribute to beauty + connection and focuses on illuminating and awakening the senses + spirit.

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