Andree Jardin

Ash Wood Natural Bristle Dry Brush

We all know the importance of self-care rituals. What better way to start every day feeling refreshed if not with a soft, natural bristled massage to gently exfoliate your skin and stimulate your blood circulation. Made in France, these exquisite dry brushes are handcrafted from ash wood and natural bristles, and are ideal for massage, dry brushing and exfoliation. Andrée Jardin has has been meticulously crafting these brushes for decades, so that you're guaranteed the best quality.

    Product Details:

    • Made of ash wood, natural bristles and woven strap
    • Made in France
    • Care: Drain well after use

    Artisan Spotlight

    Since 1947 Andrée Jardin has been making beautiful brushes in Brittany, France.  With the creation of plastic, quality brush making techniques fell by the wayside, but Andrée Jardin has maintained their commitment to "de vrais balais qui durent" (translation "real brushes that last"). Andrée Jardin has revived the craft, promising simplicity, quality and durability. Andrée Jardin designs + manufactures essentials for the home that are equal parts useful, well-made and beautiful.

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