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Zero Waste Utensil Wrap with utensils | Eco-Friendly

Partner Artisans

A simple utensil wrap you keep in your purse or bag. Slots to hold utensils and a small gray linen napkin that fits neatly inside. Bamboo cutlery and a stainless steel straw is included. Rather than using plastic cutlery that just gets thrown away after one use, begin bringing your own. Lightweight and easy to carry.  Dimensions: 10" x 6" 

why it's awesome:

  • 100% linen utensil wrap that holds everything you need for a meal- fork, spoon, knife, straw and a small napkin so you're never without
  • easy to clean and reuse - after each use simply dip into your water glass and wipe with your napkin.
  • a stylish alternative to using single-use plastics


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