Juniper Ridge

Wildcrafted Incense Gift Set

A collection for people who love sitting around a campfire. This gift set includes 6 packs of incense, made with wildcrafted ingredients from the deserts, coasts and mountains of the west. Free from charcoal or harsh synthetics and simply made with real plant resins and bamboo. When you can’t gift wrap a campfire, bring nature home.

Product Details:

  • Sustainably harvested organic ingredients
  • No hidden ingredients | No charcoal or perfume
  • Includes 6 packages of incense, with 20 incense sticks per pack
  • The beautiful watercolor inspired packaging is made from Sustainable Forestry Initiative material and is printed with environmentally friendly inks
  • Package measures: 10.3" L x 2.5" W

    Includes 6 Wildcrafted Fragrances:

      • California Juniper: Scent notes of cinnamon, desert campfire, and woodstove
      • Cedar: Scent notes of ginger cedar, redwood bark, coastal spruce boughs, and Oregon myrtle flower
      • Desert Pinon: Scent notes of sweet pine, resin, desert campfire and chiminea.
      • Douglas Fir: Scent notes of mountain lodge fireplace and forest campground
      • Sweetgrass: Scent notes of vanilla, fresh-cut grass, cinnamon bread baking in the oven
      • White Sage: Scent notes of sunlight on varnished desert rock

      Ingredients: Wildcrafted plants, tree sap, wood, and bamboo stick. 

      Usage: Always burn incense in a well-ventilated area, with a fire-safe holder. Place the incense holder on a level, heat resistant surface and ensure ash and embers are caught safely.

      Artisan Spotlight:

      Juniper Ridge uses sustainably harvested plants and traditional steam distillation techniques, infusion, tincture and enfleurage, to create wildcrafted scents at their workshop in Oakland, California. By focusing on plants native to the West Coast, they bring the beauty of its natural splendor into your home.

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