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Wild Lather

Osaka Soap | Matcha

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Lather up + breathe deeply. Our small batch soaps are handcrafted and air-cured for one month. This time-honored method means bars may vary in look. Please allow your triangle to fully dry in between uses for a longer life span. Great for travel, cleansing, and shaving. We also recommend keeping among your clothing or linens before use.

Organic Frankincense, wild Elemi, wild Lavender, and organic Sage combine to create our most meditative scent. This essential oil blend was crafted to clear anxiety and promote a grounded state. All of our batches contain a rich swirl of kaolin clay, a deeply cleansing + gently exfoliating mineral. The stone ground Ritual Cosmic Matcha leaves are rich in antioxidants + may counteract the effects of free radicals as well as soothe inflamed skin. French green clay is a highly absorbent mineral known to pull toxins + impurities while toning + stimulating skin cells. Organic poppy seeds are high in linolenic acid and have been known to protect the skin's barrier against free radicals.

Scent Notes: sunrise yoga, smoked sage, forest bathing, japanese plum tea

Product Details:

  • Organic | Vegan | Palm-Free | Cruelty-Free
  • 3.0+ oz triangle shaped bar

Ingredients: saponified oils of: cocos nucifera - coconut (certified organic + unrefined + fair trade), olea europaea - olive (certified organic + unrefined), butyrospermum parkii - shea butter (certified organic + unrefined), camellia oleifera (certified organic + unrefined), ricinus communis - castor (certified organic); kaolin clay (naturally occurring), steam-distilled essential oils, french green clay (naturally occurring), pure matcha (non-gmo), papaver somniferum - poppy seeds (organic)

Artisan Spotlight:

Wild Lather is made by two people who really love handmade soap (and each other). After returning from an eight month adventure around the world, we set out to create a vegan, palm-free bar soap that could provide the lathering qualities of a liquid soap without the plastic packaging. Our five nourishing and versatile unrefined base oils are certified organic and we use carefully sourced organic or wild harvested botanicals and steam-distilled essential oils. These ingredients make our multi-use soaps biodegradable and great for travel, cleansing, shaving, and gifting. The shape represents a simple, triangular breathing exercise to help bring a sense of calm and mindfulness to the shower (breathe in - pause - breathe out).

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