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Ditch The Dirt: Grow Edible Hydroponic Plants at Home

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This stunning, photo-driven book from the founder of Farm.One, a Manhattan-based hydroponic farm, gives readers everything they need to grow soil-free plants at home, and teaches them how to use these homegrown herbs in delicious meals. Author Rob Laing is the perfect teacher, as his plants are used in some of the finest restaurants in New York, such as Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare, Mission Chinese, Pizza Loves Emily, and Daniel.

Windowsill-to-Plate Gardening. Growing plants hydroponically―in water instead of soil―is easier than you think. Ditch the Dirt will teach you the basics of hydroponic growing at home, including how to set up and take care of your garden, information on the most interesting edible plants, and delicious ways to use your harvest in your next meal.


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