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VIVA Scandinavia

NINA™ Teapot, Charcoal

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The Nina is a modern spin on the classic teapot. It is made of matte porcelain, which is a wonderful, tactile material. It has been used for teapots for centuries because of its durability and heat resistance. We continue the legacy of fine porcelain teaware with this playful modern update. It features a large comfortable handle, textural finish and distinctive smooth shape. It also features a high quality fine mesh stainless steel infuser. This means you can enjoy your favorite loose-leaf teas with comfort and ease. It is also easy to remove the infuser once your tea is finished brewing. Perfect for a calm afternoon of quiet contemplation, you may find you’ve drained the whole pot before you know it.

Product Details:

  • Measures: 8" H x 6-1/4" diameter
  • Volume: 1L / 34 oz.
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Not for use on stove top / Not for use in the microwave

The porcelain used to make this teapot is made by people who handle and shape each piece in many stages prior to the finished porcelain arriving in your home. Every step from mixing clay, forming, finishing, glazing, painting, firing, is completed by people. The porcelain's character tells the story of its origins, of the people who made it, of its journey from a lump of clay to a functional vessel. 

Artisan Spotlight:

Tea is a gesture of hospitality and goodwill. It’s the perfect beverage to relax and reflect on precious moments. At VIVA SCANDINAVIA, we honor and value the importance of this ancient tradition and we strive to modernize these traditions and take them to new heights.

Behind every cup, strainer, or teapot we dedicate a significant amount of time and resources in research and development with nothing but our tea lovers’ needs in mind, reflecting our Scandinavian design roots. From the size of the spout to the fine patterns of the infuser, using premium sustainable materials and world-class craftsmanship, our products are made to last. We consistently push ourselves to achieve the perfect, holistic tea experience.

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