Malachite Silk Cord Necklace

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Sustainably handcrafted necklace with distinctive natural gemstones + silk. It is showcased on our signature vibe card containing gemstone meaning and made with recycled paper, excellent for gifting. Mindfully handcrafted with love and good vibes.

Product Details:

  • Fully Adjustable from choker to 30" L
  • 100% metal free
  • Silk is sustainable, soft + strong
  • Lightweight, easily layerable + easy to wear
  • Materials: Silk Cord + Malachite Gemstone

MALACHITE is a stone of transformation, assisting in changing situations and promoting spiritual growth. Malachite is a powerful cleansing stone for the emotional + physical body, releasing past traumas + negative experiences. It is said that life is lived more intensely under the influence of Malachite's powerful energy conduction. Hold your stone. Set your intention. Attune to your stone and "vibe" with it. Wear it with love as a reminder of your intention. 

Artisan Spotlight:

Vibe was born from a love of nature, humans and design, and the way all three are connected. I wanted to create jewelry that nurtures you throughout your day and showcases nature’s wonder in an elegant and meaningful way. All of our decisions are made with the planet in mind - from our 100% wind-powered studio to our use of all natural materials to our shipping practices and everything in between. We want you to feel good, all the way through.

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