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Revival Homestead Supply - Kombucha Kit

Revival Homestead Supply

Kombucha is a delightful sweet & sour, bubbly fermented tea drink; a great way to add probiotics to your diet! Kombucha is cultured with a SCOBY (symbiotic colony of bacteria & yeast) often called the "mother" and maintaining one is kind of like having a goldfish that only eats once a week. And at $4-8/bottle at the store, making kombucha at home will save you a boat-load! Our instructions will not only guide you through the basics of making kombucha, but will also inspire you to play with different teas, sugars & flavorings. *Now with residue-free labels, so you can easily peel off the labels for a nice, clean brewing jar*

1 gallon glass jar, organic fair trade tea, organic fair trade cane sugar, live SCOBY, instructions, recipes, cloth cover

You will need:
Stock pot, water, glass bottles for storing & refrigerating your finished kombucha.

You may want: 
Strainer, funnel, fruit juice or other yummy, flavorful things!

Partner Artisan Spotlight:

Melody is a mother, wife, homesteader, teacher, artist, designer, and all-around-crafty lady based in beautiful Western Massachusetts. With a degree in Art Education, an endless desire to learn how to make/grow/raise all the necessities of everyday life, and a few borrowed bucks, Melody opened a homestead supply store in 2013: a place where folks could take classes and find supplies for fermenting, canning, backyard agriculture, and making everyday products for the body and home.

Melody lovingly designs packaging, writes & illustrates detailed instructions and packs up DIY project kits that make simple, useful, all-natural projects accessible. What Melody loves most is sharing the feeling of empowerment you get when you make something that’s awesome.


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