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Perfect Blend Tote

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The Perfect Blend Tote is just that - perfect - featuring a modern string french market bag top and a sturdy canvas bottom. Nothing is more annoying than veggies poking out of the bottom of your string bag. The canvas bottom will keep all your items tucked in where they should be while still looking current with the string top. Pretty and practical this bag will take you anywhere life takes you.

Product Details:

  • Made from Certified Organic Cotton, stemming from safer + sustainable farming practices

Artisan Spotlight

The Better Farm Co. is a low-waste lifestyle brand. We sell thoughtfully designed products to help you reduce plastic waste and live a more sustainable life. We create responsibly made, earth-friendly products as an alternative to single use disposables. Every product is thoughtfully designed with you and the environment in mind. Whenever possible our products are package free. Always beautiful ~ never harmful.

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