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Patch NYC Solid Fragrance | Natural Jojoba + Beeswax Perfume

Partner Artisans

Created in a collaboration between Patch NYC and Soap + Paper Factory of New York. Made from 100% pure jojoba and beeswax, this solid perfume is perfect for freshening up on the go. 0.5 ounce. Made in the U.S.A.

Choose from 4 scents:

Beetle | Notes of geranium, vetiver and ylang ylang create a strikingly exuberant scent with a layer of mystic calm, like an exotic bouquet freshly picked from a lavish garden.

Swallow | Orange blossom, rosewood, cyclamen and oak moss blend into a high-flying floral medley imbued with a graceful earthiness.

Boot | Classic notes of sandalwood, frankincense, cedar and amber make this fragrance as distinguished and stately as a noble court.

Ship | Cedar wood, vetiver and geranium create a multi-layered fragrance as deep as the sea.  This rich scent is infused with the spirit of discovery.


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