Moon Minerals

NOURISH Tisane Herbal Tea Blend

Our Nourish Tisane Herbal Tea Blend is packed with minerals + vitamins, especially iron. The nettles nourish our root chakra + immune system which may help to relieve allergies. She teaches our bodies how to receive nourishment properly. She is also great for joint health due to her anti-inflammatory traits. She is a wild + free weed that sprouts up on all continents in damaged area's of the earth that are in need of regeneration. As we belong to the earth, she also regenerates our bodies. Raspberry leaf feels like a loving hug around our hearts. She encourages us to release our emotions + reminds us to see the love in all. She is in the rose family + her thorns teach us about boundaries + protection. Her astringent qualities help to tighten + tone our sacral waters while her nourishing nature brings our hormones into balance. Peppermint has a lightness to her spirit that opens + revitalizes our upper chakra's. She helps to move energy + clear out any stagnation both energetically + physically in our digestive system. Her expansive nature teaches us to thrive + harmoniously weaves us into the web of life.

Product Details:

  • Organically grown + blended in the USA
  • 4 oz. jar with re-usable cotton tea bag

Ingredients: dried organic nettles, dried organic raspberry leaf, dried organic peppermint. 

Suggested Use: drop 2 teaspoons of tea into tea bag + place into cup. Pour hot water over tea bag, cover + steep for 15 min. Sip slowly + enjoy.

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Artisan Spotlight:

Moon Minerals is a beautiful line of apothecary items infused with our Mother Earth + the Magic of the Moon intended to re-connect us with the rhythms of nature. Each product is hand crafted with love + care in Long Beach, California.

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