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NICOLA™ Porcelain Teapot, White

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Art doesn’t have to stay in the gallery, it can come home with you as well. Let the Nicola Teapot be the modern way that you brew tea for yourself and for friends. The textured matte porcelain of this teapot is an irresistible finish that your sensory-loving self will find absolutely sublime. The generous size will give you perfectly brewed tea to be shared with your family.

Each step - from mixing clay, forming, finishing, glazing, painting, firing - is done by hand. Each piece of our porcelain goes through at least eight pairs of hands before finding its way into your hands. The porcelain's perfectly imperfect character tells the story of its origins, of the people who made it, of its journey from a lump of clay to a functional vessel.

Product Details:

  • Volume: 1.2L / 40 oz.
  • This will make five large cups, ideal for sharing with friends
  • Materials: Porcelain, Stainless Steel, Silicone, Cork
  • Color: White
  • Includes stainless steel tea infuser
  • Handwash - Not for use on stove top - Not for use in the microwave

To Use: For best results, boil your water in a kettle, and pour boiling water into your teapot, where your tea can be conveniently steeped and served. Due to the Nicola’s clever design, the handle will remain cool to the touch so you can pour your tea with ease.

Artisan Spotlight:

Tea is a gesture of hospitality and goodwill. It’s the perfect beverage to relax and reflect on precious moments. At VIVA SCANDINAVIA, we honor and value the importance of this ancient tradition and we strive to modernize these traditions and take them to new heights.

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