Hearth + Hammer

Memory | Catalogue Tin Candle

Inspired by the Library of Congress's Classification system, each candle from the Catalogue Collection has a unique call number that links directly to an actual book in the Library of Congress. Crisp airy notes smoothed by fern and dunegrass. 

Scent Notes: Wild Air, Water Fern + Dunegrass

Product Details:

  • Net Wt: 4 oz
  • Vegan | Phthalate Free | Preservative Free | Lead Free | Cruelty Free

Artisan Spotlight:

Hearth & Hammer literary candles are hand poured in Batavia, IL, a small town outside of Chicago nestled in the Fox River Valley. Since the beginning our products have been built on the values of wanting our products to be sourced from the USA and made by hand.

Our candles are made from all natural domestically sourced soy wax, cotton braided lead-free wicks, and fragranced with high-quality fragrance and essential oil blends. We care about sustainability which is why our labels are printed on 100% recycled vellum paper and our letter-pressed dust covers are made from cotton linters which are a by-product of the cotton industry that would typically be thrown away. All of our jars are recyclable and our amber tumblers are produced from recycled glass.

Our candles are phthalate, preservative-free, additive-free, cruelty-free, vegan, and ethically produced. We are a husband and wife team who run every aspect of the company and who appreciate the value of hard work, good design and the art of craftsmanship.

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