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Marble & Milkweed - Rose & Chamomile Honey Clay Cleanser - 10g

Marble & Milkweed

The latest addition to our Rose & Chamomile Collection, the honey clay cleanser is a gentle, silky everyday face wash that cleanses deeply while leaving the skin’s natural balance intact. Can be used together with our Rose & Chamomile Cleansing Grains for a gently exfoliating experience.

Please note: We’ve phased out the outer kraft boxes in an effort to conserve resources, since our violet glass jars provide very effective light protection on their own.

Partner Artisan Spotlight:

Marble & Milkweed is inspired by the poetry inherent in any well-crafted thing. It's also brought to you by the cool, smooth skin of my clawfoot bathtub in the kitchen on Rivington Street, in New York City's Lower East Side, where the healing powers of water serve both as refuge and as muse. The scientific name of milkweed's genus is Asclepius, named after the Greek god of medicine and healing. In Hindu mythology it is believed that the universe was created by a god drunk on the milky white juices of the plant. Today, milkweed is the primary source of food for the monarch butterfly. It's my hope that the precious nectars you'll find here will likewise nourish you into winged resplendence! Made with love in New York, using sustainable processes and materials.


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