Moon Minerals

LOVE Tisane Herbal Tea Blend

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Damiana allows us to release our inhibitions by calming our nervous system + caressing our hearts with pure joy. She is uplifting + may help to relieve depression or feelings of being stuck.

The linden tree harmonizes the earth below us with the universe above us. She softens any anxiety built up around our hearts with her calming + peaceful nature. She also helps to lower blood pressure + is considered a powerful anti-inflammatory. She is clearing to the mind + can help us release any stagnant emotions enabling us to feel the joy of life.

The alluring essence of rose gently calms our nerves with her beautiful aroma. Her thorns teach us about protecting our vulnerable heart while also keeping our heart open to feel compassion, love, + empathy.

The enchanting spirit of of hawthorne teaches our hearts how to forgive allowing more room for love to flow through us. She may help to strengthen the physical tissue of our heart, along with the qi or life force energy that creates the rhythms of our heartbeats.

Product Details:

  • Organically grown + blended in the USA
  • 4 oz. jar with re-usable cotton tea bag

Ingredients: dried organic damiana, dried organic linden leaves + flowers, dried organic rose petals, dried organic hawthorne leaves + flowers

Suggested Use: drop 2 teaspoons of tea into tea bag + place into cup. Pour hot water over tea bag, cover + steep for 15 min. Sip slowly + enjoy.

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Artisan Spotlight:

Moon Minerals is a beautiful line of apothecary items infused with our Mother Earth + the Magic of the Moon intended to re-connect us with the rhythms of nature. Each product is hand crafted with love + care in Long Beach, California.

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