NOIR | Forbidden Ritual Candle

L'apothicaire Co.

Sinfully deep notes of Dark Fruits and Cassis lay atop an earthy Lichen and Forest Green base, creating a blend that is equally tempting and irresistible at once.

  • Handcrafted | Eco Friendly | Made in the USA
  • Matte Black Container
  • 100% Soy Wax
  • Measures: 2.25" diameter x 5.5" high
  • 9 oz. | 66 hour burn

Partner Artisan Spotlight: 

L'apothicaire Co. was born from our love of botanicals and our fascination with unique fragrance pairings. We are a small batch botanical apothecary focusing on curious fragrance assortments in both Candle and Perfume Oil form. Born from a love of timeless vintage ephemera, antiques & curiosities, and the apothecary, we strive to put forth a curiously scented array of fragrances to delight your senses.