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Natural Linen Classic Apron

Fair + Simple

The classic linen apron gets better with time, like your cooking. It will add natural texture to your kitchen when it's not in use, beckoning you to make something wholesome for your family. These aprons have had a light wash for that lived-in look.

  • Handcrafted | Eco-Friendly
  • Materials: 100% OEKO TEX certified linen
  • Low Impact Dye

Partner Artisan Spotlight:

We believe that when you invest in a woman, an entire community reaps the benefits. Why? Because she invests right back into her children and those around her. Fair + Simple focuses on simple goods made by women around the world. In addition to fair wages, Fair + Simple supports our artisans and makers through skill development, proper equipment, and simple design.

“Every time you spend money, you're casting a vote for the kind of world you want.” -Anna Lappé