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Decorative Coiled Basket DIY Craft Kit

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Basketry weaving is a fun and relaxing activity that people of many cultures have enjoyed for many thousands of years. Different geographic areas have their own unique styles, largely based on the materials that are available there. Traditional materials come from such things as grasses, rushes, barks, reeds, canes, roots, split leaves and split twigs. 

Coiling is a basketry method where one material is wrapped around another in a spiral. Generally the materials used for wrapping are soft and flexible while the coil can be a bit more rigid.

Learn to weave a more advanced coiled basket! This kit teaches one-rod, two-rod and three-rod coiled basketry techniques and many designs common to many traditional cultures from North America.

Prepare to spend some time on this project. It could take more than 8 hours over several days.

Product Details:

  • Kit contains the materials you'll need: raffia, fiber rush, tapestry needles and a 16-page full color instructional booklet
  • You will also need: water, scissors, ruler, pen or pencil
  • Makes one petite 4” to 6” wide basket
  • Ages 12 and up, adult participation necessary for younger ages
  • Made in USA

Artisan Spotlight

At Traditional Craft Kits we believe that people have enormous creative potential. With our kits we challenge people to expand their comfort zone and turn raw, natural materials into pieces of art. Our mission is to keep traditional crafting relevant in our modern world. We offer products that teach hands on skills, spark creativity and inspire appreciation for handmade arts. Learning these traditional skills opens up a whole new and fulfilling world of creativity.  Our projects vary from simple to complex. Our beginner basket kits take as little as an hour to complete, whereas our more advanced coiled designs take as much as 20 hours or more. This provides a lasting memorable experience and the satisfaction of accomplishment.

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