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Long Stoneware Botanical Platter | Artisan Made, Handcrafted

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These handmade stoneware pieces are designed to add beauty to your tablescape. Each piece is hand etched with black inlay.

Product Details:

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Measures: 6" x 15" approximately

Choose from:

  • BAY LAUREL - for wisdom, courage and strength. A crown for a hero, prized by the ancients as a reward for the highest achievements, also a sign representing wisdom, both acquired and intuitive.
  • EUCALYPTUS BRANCH - for healing, protection and purification. The leaves of the eucalyptus are widely believed to ward off evil + are used to keep sickness and negative energy at bay. Its unique woody scent can encourage well-being + balance.
  • SAGE LEAF - for longevity, wisdom + protection. Guardian spirit. A granting of wishes. Sage cleanses, purifies and protects. 

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