Barnaby Black

Creosote Salve

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After it rains in the desert you will smell a fresh, ozone tinge in the air. It awakens the senses and gives you a feeling of being alive. This amalgam of petrichor + creosote bush is what goes into every tin of this salve. Creosote bush is amongst the oldest non-cloning, organisms on the planet (some plants are over 10,000 yrs old). Tinctures + teas of the leaves are still used today by the Native Americans of the desert southwest. Its curative properties extend way beyond actual application. Just breath this in and you will know exactly what we mean.

Made with 100% wild foraged botanicals, from a single plant, to bring you the true essence of one species. Taking queues from nature, these salves are formulated for dry + weathered skin. Use as an all-body moisturizer or to protect + heal all types of skin.

Product Details:

  • Made with 100% wild foraged aromatics
  • Approx. 2 oz. tin

To Use: Apply liberally to face, hair and skin. This salve is best used at room temperature.

Ingredients: locally sourced beeswax, organic coconut + apricot kernel oils, live plant infusions, tree pitch/resin, steam distilled essential oils.

Artisan Spotlight

Barnaby Black's simple approach to making all natural skin care products is what drives their very story - go out into the forest, forage wild aromatics + botanicals and put that into every bottle. Their fragrances are not romantic notions of a time + place. When Barnaby Black goes to the deserts, mountains or coastal wild lands of North America they have an idea of what they want to capture from that particular place but it's only after they experience the wonders of plant diversity that they begin to understand the story they would like to tell from those experiences. They let the aromatic nature of plants + trees speak their own native tongues.

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