Moon Minerals

CALM Tisane Herbal Tea Blend

The comforting, loving, divine spirit of lavender nourishes our third eye and encourages us to step through the always open portal of love. She teaches us to live in both spirit + physical realms at one time to maintain balance. She helps to quiet our chattering minds and may help to uplift our vibrations. Like a soft breeze, the airy spirit of passion vine gently blows in encouraging us to expand ourselves as far as we'd like to grow just as she does with her luscious green vines and leaves. She reminds us to see the beauty in ourselves and lovingly accept who we are in this life so we can thrive. Her calming qualities bring our minds into an alpha state allowing us to dream and rest easily. Chamomile connects us to the warm sun and instills a sense of peace and balance into our lives.

Product Details:

  • Organically grown + blended in the USA
  • 4 oz. jar with re-usable cotton tea bag

Ingredients: dried organic lavender flowers, dried organic chamomile flowers, dried organic passion vine

Suggested Use: drop 2 teaspoons of tea into tea bag + place into cup. Pour hot water over tea bag, cover + steep for 15 min. Sip slowly + enjoy.

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Artisan Spotlight:

Moon Minerals is a beautiful line of apothecary items infused with our Mother Earth + the Magic of the Moon intended to re-connect us with the rhythms of nature. Each product is hand crafted with love + care in Long Beach, California.

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