Bamboo Notebook | Sustainable Journal

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This eco-friendly notebook is made with a beautifully screen printed bamboo cover, bound with a natural canvas tape and filled with 120 sheets of lined recycled paper. Graphite screen printing on natural bamboo with visible grain and smooth wooden texture. 

Bamboo forests have many environmental benefits because they function as carbon sinks, produce oxygen, control soil erosion, provide organic matter, regulate water levels in watersheds, conserve biodiversity, beautify the landscape, and essentially contribute to the purification and regulation of the environment. Pesticides and other chemicals need not be used while cultivating bamboo, which makes it more eco-friendly and sustainable.

width | 5-5/16"
length | 7-3/4"
depth | 3/4"

Choose from three styles: Floral Design | Shine Brightly | Today is the Day


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