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Righteous Rebel | Apothecary Muse Sustainable Deodorant | Advanced Care

Apothecary Muse

The dominant notes of Geranium and Patchouli offer strong odor control for folks dealing with high levels of stress. It also has a touch of Tea Tree and Cypress to encourage moisture and bacteria control for someone with mostly apocrine (hormonal stress) sweat to support the body's natural functions. The advanced care blend has an unique aroma that smells like freshly watered flowers under a baker's window. Solid sticks are packaged in biodegradable paperboard tubes with 1.7 oz of vegan product.

Partner Artisan Spotlight:

“Sustainable” is multi-faceted: touching upon our environment, lives of people through the supply and demand chain, and longevity of a purposeful business. Balancing these values is known as a Triple Bottom Line (People, Planet AND Profit). In addition to operating with Good Manufacturing Practices, Apothecary Muse’s sustainability is managed with educational programming, informative labels, zero waste packaging, and stewardship in public parks.