Wilde House Paper

2021 Intentional Wall Calendar

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When we stumbled upon this amazing wall calendar, filled to the brim with intention and inspiration for each month, we instantly felt like 2021 could be a truly magical year. Unlike other wall calendars, this beauty features a monthly mood and ideas of what to be inspired by for each month, such as wellness, nature, creativity, style, balance, energy, intuition, presence, possibilities and soul priorities. Each of the twelve calendar pages also highlights key dates, holidays, moon cycles + astrological shifts for 2021. 

Our absolute favorite, are the monthly moods, which help set the tone for each month to come. For example, January's mood:

"An ambitious energy flows through her like a stream - cleansing, nourishing and guiding her on a new fruitful path. Intuitive in nature, she sets a plan for the year ahead knowing that the gentle curves and unexpected roadblocks are part of the fun of life. Embracing change with confidence, she stands up to fear knowing that her dreams are much too big for that. Seeking the ultimate balance of structure and pleasure, she is her own kind of perfect."

Product Details:

  • High quality printing on luxe recycled paper in beach
  • Gold wire spiral binding with a wire hanger for easy installation
  • Measures: 8" x 12"
  • Made in the USA

Artisan Spotlight:

Wilde House Paper is a lifestyle stationery collection created in California. Every WH piece is an original work of art that is unique to this shop. About half of the goods are designed and printed on luxe eco-friendly paper stocks. The rest of the goods are handmade in California using the highest quality sustainable materials. All of the paper in our line is 100% eco-friendly and that's important to us. Sustainability and intentional decisions are at the forefront of our design process from concept to final packaging. We have recently partnered with One Tree Planted, a nonprofit organization that plants trees around the world, and will be planting one tree in California for every order that is placed. By hand is a core value of WH as it makes each piece intentionally its own. When you buy a WH good, you are not only going to receive a quality item but you are supporting the slow process of art that really is so unique in today's industry.

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