Artisan Made

Recycled Glass Bedside Carafe

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Just outside the crowded city of Bogota, Colombia, there are still patches of the old city. There, in a small family owned glass factory, a group of talented glass blowers create handmade works of art. These are free-form pieces, not made from molds, but wonderful organic shapes that are thick and hefty. Best of all, the glass is recycled from old windows, automobile glass, and all sorts of bottles.

Beautifully thick recycled glass forms this unique square bedside carafe. Complete with a simple cup that stores as a lid on top, this carafe is a stylish addition to any bedside table and a wonderful way to make overnight guests feel at home.

It's beautiful aqua-tinted glass is almost too stunning not to share, so we won't tell if you stock your favorite whiskey in it, either!

Product Details:

  • Handblown from recycled glass by Colombian artisans
  • Carafe measures 3.75" W x 8" H + holds 30 fluid ounces
  • Cup measures 2.5" W x 3" H + holds 4 fluid ounces
Please note: these are handcrafted and not manufactured pieces. Each design is one of a kind, and you can count on unique variations. After all, this is no ordinary piece of glass! Due to the handmade nature + use of recycled glass, it is normal to find inclusions and bubbles in these carafes. This character + individuality is unique to hand blown glass products and each piece is one of a kind in shape as well. If perfect symmetry + uniformity is what you desire, these may not be your cup of tea.

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