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Eco Friendly , Reusable Set of 4 Linen Snack Bags

Partner Artisans

These are a super easy way to skip one use plastic baggies! Fill with your favorite snack and you have a no waste component to your lunch. Brush out the crumbs and use again, or throw in the washing machine and lay flat to dry, use again. These are water resistant, so carrot sticks, grapes, and berries work well in the snack bags. 

Set of 4, 100% linen bags lined in washable, water-resistant nylon. Set includes 2 navy blue, 1 gray and 1 natural linen snack bags. Size 4" x 6"

what we love about these:

  • these bags can withstand whatever you throw at them (nuts, pretzels, apple slices, and more)
  • they close with a soft, flexible velcro that is easy for little and big hands to open
  • easy to clean. at the end of the day simply empty the crumbs and reuse again or wash
  • these snack bags are a beautiful and easy step toward removing single-use plastics


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