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Pinch | Artisan Ceramic Salt + Pepper Set


Pinch is a ceramic salt cellar & pepper shaker that gives flaky sea salts a home at the dining table.

Flaky finishing salts (like Maldon) are a secret used by chefs around the world, but they are rarely found outside the kitchen. Pinch is intended for these sea salts, which are too large to be shaken, but are instead pinched and sprinkled on food.

The top sphere is a traditional pepper shaker and acts as a cover for the salt cellar when not in use. Closing Pinch results in a satisfying slide of two pieces of ceramic against each other—reminiscent of a mortar and pestle.

Slip-cast porcelain
Salt cellar holds .25 oz salt—enough for many servings
Pepper shaker refills through plastic cap on bottom.

Partner Artisan Spotlight: 

Manual designs objects that celebrate slow food & drink. In a time when mainstream food culture pushes us towards the ultimate conveniences—the fastest food, miracle appliances, and technology that does the thinking for us—we have a divergent perspective. Preparing food is work—and it should be. But we also think the preparation effort can be just as pleasurable as the actual meal. We think there's pride in making something yourself. We think there's joy in repetitive rituals. We think food is best when it's slow. Manual values craft over convenience, elevates routines into rituals, and chooses simplicity over novelty. At Manual we create products that are first and foremost tools for food, but also express our aesthetic vision through thoughtful design. We aim to create products you can use everyday and that you'll love even more over time.

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