Poterie Renault

Poterie Renault | Vintage French Salt Glaze Stoneware Pitcher

We are smitten with these vintage Poterie Renault pitchers and feel so fortunate to offer a very limited supply of these rare treasures. This salt glaze stoneware pitcher will surely become a beloved heirloom. The petite size is perfect for serving water, wine, dressing or sauces - frankly, whatever your heart desires. These beauties were handcrafted in the French Loire Valley from local grey clay, known for its durability and strength. 

Each pitcher is handcrafted using centuries old hand-turning + hand-finishing skillsSalt is then used to achieve their unique rustic finish. To make the salt glaze, salt is poured into the kilns at 1280 degrees celsius. The salt vitrifies, resulting in a very strong non-porous product with beautiful natural variations in surface coloring and texture. One extra perk to using a salt glaze technique, is the pottery will now provide excellent insulation.

Product Details:

  • Made in France
  • Vintage Stock | Very limited supply available 
  • It's important to note that these vintage pieces may have small imperfections,  or what we like to call character.
  • Variations of forms, colors, tones, glaze, finish + textures will occur.
  • Care: oven, microwave and freezer safe; Hand Wash

Choose From 3 Sizes:

XS | 5" H x 5" W (.4 L / 13.5 oz)
Small | 5.5" H x 5.5" W (.6 L / 20 oz)
Medium | 6.75" H x 5.75" W (.8 L / 27 oz) 

About Shipping: While we are committed to honoring the earth and packaging our orders in the most eco-friendly way possible, we will pack this irreplaceable vintage stoneware in the safest way we see fit, based on the composition of your order. This means that we could possibly re-use bubble wrap when shipping these pieces to ensure safe delivery. Thank you for your understanding.

Artisan Spotlight

Poterie Renault is an iconic French brand, notorious in culinary circles and world-renowned for their timeless earthenware pottery. Made in the Loire Valley since 1847, each piece of Renault pottery was crafted from French grey clay, known for its durability and strength. This exquisite stoneware was handcrafted by the Renault family + local craftsmen using traditional methods and centuries old hand-turning + hand-finishing skills for over five generations. When the family closed up shop eleven years ago, they left the remaining inventory sleeping in the storehouse behind the family chateau. This limited supply of rare treasures is what we are now able to offer to our amazing community.

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