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Ground Your Being | Root Chakra Bath Bomb

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Recognizing that all is energy, Remedes + Richewels focuses on the essential energy points of the body, chakras, and uses these magnificent maps as a tool for holistic health and life fulfillment. The ability of your energy centers to function optimally is what keeps you psychologically, emotionally, physically, and spiritually balanced.

Product Details:

  • 4 ounces
  • Measures: 2" H x 2.5" W
  • Sold individually
  • Wrapped in biodegradable shrink wrap
  • Handcrafted in Tucson, AZ using environmentally conscious practices

      Made with the purest grade ingredients:

      • Cedarwood  has a calming, woody aroma. It is used to calm anger + ease nervous tension. It helps with grounding, while allowing communication with the higher realms.

      • Cypress Oil  is known for its ability to harmonize the blood. It helps to move the vital force, the vital energy, or Qi, through the body. Cypress is also used for strengthening of the blood capillaries.

      • Moroccan red clay to help detoxify and nourish the skin. It is extremely high in iron making it an effective skin detox. Once applied to the skin, red clay binds impurities + dirt into a paste until dried. Its drawing abilities make it a great toner + cleanser for acne prone, oily, and problematic skin.
      • Red rose petals are rich in Vitamin C and a powerful antioxidant.

      also includes: pure baking soda, organic cornstarch, pure food grade citric acid, epsom salt, magnesium sulfate, certified organic coconut milk powder, moroccan red clay powder, therapeutic grade fractionated coconut oil, alcohol-free coconut water witch hazel with aloe vera, therapeutic grade essential oil blend, dried flowers.

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