Gardener’s Hand Soap

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This Gardener's Hand Soap is a combination of all the different bars of soap that SallyeAnder makes mixed with cornmeal. The cornmeal is organic and will not accumulate in pipes. The colors are purely aesthetic and will be randomly selected for you.

Made from soap scraps and cornmeal, this bar can cut through any stain. Rich in glycerin, to pamper your hardworking hands and it won’t dry out your hands, body, or clothing. Also known to remove stains from: grass, food, bubble gum, blood, grease, grape juice, mildew, printer ink, and many more annoyances! 

Size: Net weight - 6 ounces. Measures - 4 x 3 x 2-1/2 inches.

Ingredients: A mixture of leftover scraps and organic cornmeal. 100% handmade with pure, edible, organic ingredients. Hypoallergenic skincare.

Special use: Removes stains from hands and clothing.

Artisan Spotlight:

SallyeAnder has been making skincare + home solutions with an uncompromising commitment to quality since 1982. To support a healthier environment for all, they commit to using pure, edible, organic ingredients and never use coconut or palm oils. All products are handcrafted in the USA and are never tested on animals. 

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