Seasonal Fruit + Vegetable Poster, Natural Chipboard

Young America Creative

The seasonal fruit and vegetable poster features a monthly list of 15-20 varieties of produce that are freshest, ripest, and harvested within the listed month.  These are the fruits and veggies found each month at a farmers market and are more likely to be locally grown and freshly harvested.

  • 13" x 19" foil pressed with Gold, tint, and white foil
  • Made of chipboard, which is a product used in architecture school to build models. It is often referred to as “kraft” or “natural” because of its recycled content. There are inflections of color and recycled content in this textured cardstock

Choose from Poster or Framed

Wood frames are made from reclaimed redwood. Color, tones and textures vary slightly from batch to batch.

Partner Artisan Spotlight:

Young America Creative is a multidisciplinary design studio. We believe design is the process of discovery, guided by the parameters of material integrity, environmental inspiration and a partnership with skilled collaborators. YAC has developed an architectural path inspired by sustainability, craftsmanship and collaborative exploration.