Itza Wood

Escobo Artisan Made Hand Broom

The Escobo Palm has been used to make brooms for generations in the jungle villages of Guatemala, and while plastic has overrun the corner stores (tiendas) and homes, Itza is working to bringing back the Escobo. Paired with a tropical wood handle, this hand broom is just as beautiful as it is practical. 

Product Details:

  • Measures: approximately 15"h x 10" w
  • Made of all Natural Materials with unique characteristics + variations
  • Handmade in San Andres, Peten Guatemala

Artisan Spotlight

Itza Wood handcrafts woodwares and jungle fibers for the conscious consumer. They are based in Peten, Guatemala, surrounded by lush nature which they use in a loving and sustainable way to bridge craft and communities with the rest of the world. Their story is closely entwined with social efforts and initiatives: preserving the jungle while empowering the Guatemalan people through supporting education and job creation. They reinvest 100% of their profit to social initiatives.

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