Sustainable Bamboo + Natural Fiber Pot Brush

Our Sustainable Bamboo + Natural Fiber Pot Brush is a simple and stylish alternative to plastic dish brushes + scrubbers. Designed for stuck on food and heavy stains, including cast iron pans. Also works to scrub root vegetables and citrus fruits.

The 100% natural construction cleans without releasing toxic micro-plastics and abrasive particles into the environment. Made with Moso Bamboo and medium weight agave + palmyra fiber bristles, these brushes can be used for dish washing, pot scrubbing, vegetable washing and even general cleaning. Agave and palmyra fiber bristles are grown, harvested, sun-dried and processed in Mexico using traditional techniques to ensure a high quality and strong natural fiber.

Product Details:

  • Longevity: use for 1-6 months, depending on the frequency of usage and proper storage.
  • Care: Place brush in a dry spot after using. Do not submerge or soak the wooden parts in water. The wood will absorb water, causing it to swell or crack. Always test first on new surfaces or materials for compatibility.
  • Materials: Moso Bamboo + Natural Agave fiber mixed with Palmyra fiber
  • Biodegradable | Consider composting in the backyard

Why it matters: Plastic bristle scrub brushes shed tiny pieces of plastic called micro plastics. Unfortunately these tiny plastic pieces are not filtered out fully by sewage treatment. So when you hear about the "Great Pacific Garbage Patch" the majority of this garbage patch in the Pacific Ocean is actually tiny pieces of plastic that aren't even visible to the human eye. These tiny plastic pieces are being eaten by marine animals and ending up in the food chain, being consumed by humans in sushi restaurants around the globe! Micro-plastics are also ending up in our tap water. Help us turn off the plastic tap and choose a more sustainable option for humans and the planet.

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