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BIOS APOTHECARY - Aromatherapy - Breathe Balm (Peppermint)


This plant-derived invigorating balm provides gentle and effective aromatherapy. Essential oil blend: peppermint, frankincense, camphor leaf, lemon peel, eucalyptus, bay laurel, tea tree, wild mint leaf. Volume: 30mL.


  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Menthol-rich peppermint oil helps to loosen phlegm and break up congestion
  • Cardamom and eucalyptus oil provide a natural source of eucalyptol, an active ingredient in many OTC cold and flu medications
  • Enhanced with the anti-microbial and anti-bacterial action of tea tree oil
  • Ravensara oil is a plant-derived expectorant

INDICATIONS: Helps to open clogged airways and relieve congestion.

DIRECTIONS: Rub on hands and cup over nose to inhale aromatherapeutic benefits. Apply generously on chest, back, neck, bottle of feet, pulse points or temples as desired. For external use only. 

Partner Artisan Spotlight: 

Bios is defined as "the science of life and living matter in all its forms and phenomena". We are fascinated with nature and order, with ancient healing modalities, with the innate intelligence of the body and the tremendous wisdom of plants and minerals. We strive towards “Sattva” (Sanskrit for purity), a concept in Vedic philosophy which refers to healthy, nutritious and clean products which purify the body. Bios blends organic, wildcrafted and food grade ingredients with therapeutic grade essential oils selected for their aromatic qualities and medicinal properties. Each item is made by hand in our Brooklyn studio. We favor locally grown and harvested produce and donate a portion of each purchase to sustainable urban agriculture initiatives in the New York City area.


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